Welcome to this course, this is a university staff development programme sponsored by the MacArthur Grant. It is aimed at introducing new and updated ICT Tools to staff (junior, senior and academic).

  • This course is organised for staff of the MIS Unit, University of Ibadan
  • This course will take you through the Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP
  • The target audience are Academic and Senior Non-Teaching Staff who are already computer-literate or participants who have gone through Module.
    Topics to be presented are.
    1. Presentation Techniques
    2. Optimizing internet access and use
    3. Database management
    4. Document Management
    5. Egronomic, Health and Security Issues in Computing
  • The first module which is designed for junior non-teaching staff of cadre 1-5.
    It covers the following
    1. Basic Computer Operations
    2. Word Processing
    3. Spreadsheets
    4. Computers maintenance and data security
    5. Introduction to the Internet