Courses offered at the faculty of Technology

  • This course is another offered in Mechanical Engineering Department's Professional M.Sc. in ENERGY TECHNOLOGY & MANAGEMENT program. It is being run for the first time with the FIRST or 2009/2010 Set of 5 candidates.
  • This course is one of those offered in Mechanical Engineering Department's Professional M.Sc. in ENERGY TECHNOLOGY & MANAGEMENT.
    The course deals with how energy in the form of fuels and electricity are transmitted, distributed and used. For the fuels, transmission and distribution involve both transportation and conveyance through pipelines.
  • This is a course design for Agricultural Engineering Students to enable them manage all electrical installation while practicing. It covers Electricity as a power source on the farm for lighting, farm production and processing. Economics of power supply. Farmstead wiring, Electrical requirement of workshops, barns and storage houses. Motor selection for agricultural application. Care and maintenance of electrical farm installation and machines - hatcheries, milking machines, feed mills.

  • TME 213 is the first in a series of THERMODYNAMICS courses (TME 213, 321, 414 and 511) offered by the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Technology, University of Ibadan. As such, it is an INTRODUCTORY Course. Candidates are therefore encouraged to put enough time and effort into the study of this course. Build a good Thermodynamics "foundation" now
  • Understanding of microprocessors and how they can be programmed in assembly language.fakolujo
  • This is an introductory course into Electrical Engineering principles for 200 Level students of the Faculty of Technology that gives basic understanding of principles of circuit components DC, Circuit Network Analysis and AC Power, Magnetic fields principles and application (Electric Motor and Generator) and Transformer principles
  • A study of the physical and mechanical properties of animal and plant products as related to their harvesting, processing, packaging and storage.