Department of Virology

Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences,College of Medicine

University of Ibadan

2017/2018 MSc. Virology Admission Exercise

Screening Examination

This is the first in in the series of courses on the Nervous system Physiology.This course deals with the physiology of the two conducting components of the nervous system - Nerve and Muscle. It also introduces the student to the disorders of Nerve and Muscle function. It is a suitable students with adequate background in the basic biological and physical sciences- Zoology, Chemistry and Physics going to the pre-clinical years in Medicine, Dentistry, Nursing, Pharmacy, Physiotherapy and other allied health sciences. For Physiology majors, it is a good compliment to their core courses in PIO 306.
portraitThis course covers fundamental principles of gene expression components including structures and functions, genetic manipulations and computational analysis.
This course involves the teaching of an in-depth knowledge and analysis of the Cardiovascular system. It is suitable for students with adequate background knowledge in the basic Biological sciences and Physical sciences. It is suited for Medical, Dental, Nursing, Pharmacy,Physiotherapy students. It will also build on the Cardiovascular foundations already established by PIO 205 in Physiology Major Students